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TODD BURGE, TIM O'BRIEN, The Carpenter Ants, John Walsh 
in Concert April 28th 2012 8pm
The Adelphia Music Hall at the Galley - Marietta Ohio
Also - Free Songwriter Workshops by Tim O'Brien and Todd Burge during the day.**

Tickets on $12 in advance and on sale now by clicking here

or here
or call 1-740-374-8278

A concert celebrating the release of Todd Burge's upcoming CD release
"Building Characters" The CD for grownups
Produced by Don Dixon and featuring Tim O'Brien.

Todd and Tim will play songs from the new CD, but the evening will also showcase a healthy dose of the music that has made O'Brien famous around the world. The Carpenter Ants will rock and groove you into the late night with special guests. You simply won't know who might show up!

Looking for a place to eat? Dine with us!

Looking for a place to stay the night? Stay with us! (only four rooms left)

Come early in the day and participate in the Songwriter Workshops conducted by Tim O'Brien, Todd Burge and more. They are FREE and brought to you by The Colony Theater Restoration Project and The Ohio Arts Council. Find out more soon here.

Todd Burge (
Coming in April "Building Characters" by Todd Burge
The New CD featuring Tim O’Brien, Don Dixon & Kenny Malone
Produced by Don Dixon

Listen to clips from this CD here

"On his new recording, Todd Burge inhabits his invented characters. The scat singing and lyrical humor lighten the mood of some heavy subjects, letting his insights sneak up on you. He just keeps getting better and better."
Tim O’Brien (Singer-Songwriter, Grammy winner)

"Defying gravity and age, Todd just gets better. This collection includes songs that no one else could have conceived, much less written. Todd belongs in the company of Peter Stampfel, Todd Snider and Paul Thorn with Roger Miller winking from beyond. Dixon, O'Brien and Malone put up the perfect front to make it all seem so normal.
Look upon his works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
Larry Groce – Host of NPR’s Mountain Stage

“With wit and pathos in equal measure, Todd Burge takes on subjects in his songs that never occur to most folks. Subjects too quirky, too controversial, too obtuse for most writers to get a handle on. His compelling vocal style and
unique perspective keep me interested long after the last note rings out.”
Don Dixon – Producer, Performer, Songwriter

"I feel that I’ve built one character out of many here. He/She is following life’s path and along the way, is blocked by insecurity, predictions of the world’s impending doom, religious fanaticism, fatalistic egoism and less. In this recording you’ll hear about a woman who buries her husband of 35 years in her own flower garden, then waters him daily, telling him to “Grow Up”. There a tune about how Joseph must have felt when Mary said she was with child, without his assistance. A man buys enough Jesus night lights to plug into every receptacle in his house and is blinded by that light. Springtime comes and a hungry squirrel goes crazy and loses his religion while looking for his nuts. A cocky fly is shown some mercy and his raw attitude brings on some bad Karma. I certainly hope you have trouble relating to these twisted stories, but enjoy them all the same. We certainly enjoyed recording them for you.” Todd Burge

Over the last two decades, Todd Burge, has played everything from Alternative Rock to Bluegrass, performing over 100 shows per year in venues as diverse as CBGB’s, The Country Music Hall of Fame and the Kennedy Center. Burge is a repeat guest on Public Radio’s Mountain Stage and has been called the “dean of WV songwriters, the best we have”, by the show’s host, Larry Groce. Burge has performed and toured with Tim O’Brien, Kathy Mattea, Lucinda Williams, Bela Fleck, Mike Seeger, Larry Groce, Ricky Skaggs and many others.

In April of this year, Burge will release two CDs, One for grownups entitled “Building Characters” produced by Don Dixon (R.E.M. Mary Chapin Carpenter) and featuring Tim O’Brien (Hot Rize, Mark Knopfler, Steve Martin) and one for children entitled “Character Building”. The Children’s CD will serve as an ongoing fundraiser for The Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network. His high energy shows are packed with songs and stories of bizarre characters and critters, from dogs to sharks to humans and beyond. Burge has the ability to twist his catchy tunes into something we can all relate to. Todd Burge also hosts his own radio show and podcast, Songwriter Night with Todd Burge. He resides with his wife Lisa and two young children, Sophia (5) and William (7) in Parkersburg WV.

For bookings or more info

Other websites of interest (The Radio Show and Podcast)

Tim O'Brien (
In Tim O’Brien’s music, things come together. The uncanny intersection of traditional and contemporary elements in his songwriting, his tireless dedication to a vast and still-expanding array of instruments, and his ongoing commitment to place himself in as many unique and challenging musical scenarios as possible has made him a key figure in today’s thriving roots music scene – and well beyond it. O’Brien’s presence – be it as a bandleader, songwriter, mentor, instrumentalist, or vocalist – has been strongly felt not only in his own rich music, but in the many recordings of his songs by such artists as the Dixie Chicks, Garth Brooks, Dierks Bentley, Nickel Creek, Kathy Mattea, the New Grass Revival, and the Seldom Scene, and in his recorded collaborations with Steve Martin, the Chieftains, and innumerable others. Most recently, O’Brien has been performing before capacity crowds in the band of Mark Knopfler, who described O’Brien as “a master of American folk music, Irish music, Scottish music – it doesn't matter; a fine songwriter and one of my favorite singers.”

O’Brien listens to bluegrass and hears the music’s roots in modal Irish ballads and vintage swing. He insightfully re-examines and reconstructs those styles, and many others, in his own music, throwing off new sparks by reawakening the tension and interplay of the colliding components at the heart of American music. “Over the years,” he explains, “my music has become a certain thing. Each time I go into the studio to make a new album, I could make an Irish record, or a bluegrass record, or a country record…but it seems artificial to sift anything out. I feel like I’d be leaving out something important. In the end, I just try to make it round…”

That roundness of vision and scope permeates every aspect of Chicken & Egg, O’Brien’s thirteenth solo album, available July 13 via his own Howdy Skies imprint. Mixing O’Brien originals, collaborations, and a handful of outside compositions, Chicken & Egg is an illuminating, engaging, and ultimately life-affirming meditation on the art of living. “This stuff reflects what goes on in the life of someone my age,” O’Brien reflects. “I’m 56 years old. I’m not the young kid on the scene – and I’m happy about that. I’m at a strange point in my life: my kids are growing up, while my parents and teachers are passing on. There’s a lot happening – but it’s just life, and that’s what this album is about. There’s a little love song action here and there, but mostly it’s about living life.”

The Carpenter Ants (
Even the best bands come and go but the Carpenter Ants have been around – with virtually the same lineup – for 25 years. The Ants have defied the odds and outlasted most of their peers for a number of reasons. First and foremost, after more than 2,000 performances, regardless of the occasion, the band never fails to have a good time – and that feeling is contagious.Check out the amazing new CD with Bill Kirchen - Ant and Uncles.


Free workshops

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