Friday, November 22, 2013

Todd Burge Will Create A Special Song Just For You

Hi Everyone
Every year around this time, I slow down my concert schedule and stay close to home for the holidays.
I'm also in the habit of writing a lot during this period. This is where you come in. I'm going to write 7 songs before Christmas for others. What I mean is, If you 'd like to give the special gift of song to someone you love this holiday season, let me know. I will take your story or notes, turn them into a song, record it and put it on Youtube for you to share.

I've written many songs by request. Maybe you'd like a special song written for your spouse, child, dog, parent, grandparent, boss, co-worker, grandchild, neighbor etc! It can be serious or not so serious. It is really up to you and me.

Again, I'm only doing five of these this year, so jump in early. Deadline for you to be considered is  Dec 13th and 1/5 of the money will go to F.A.R.E. in support of families with severe food allergies.

Shoot me an email right now if you'd like to talk more about this.
I only have time to write 5 more songs.  Thank you!

Below are some examples of songs I've written for others.

I AM WHAT I EAT - Written for a friend who had a heart valve replacement

OUR FIRST DOG - Written by Todd Burge & Tim O'Brien for the Presidential Dog

TRIBUTE SONG for a loved one