Thursday, December 07, 2017

Todd Burge Holiday Bundle! WOW

Each day, leading up to December 20th, I will be selling a special bundle of my CDs for an amazingly low price! AND, with each passing day, THAT PRICE WILL GO UP FIVE DOLLARS so nab them up right now. If you'd like, we can gift wrap them for you and mail it off to a loved one or friend.

The bundle includes NINE Todd Burge albums, including EIGHT CDS and One Download
That’s over ONE HUNDRED SONGS!  

The bundle includes all of my studio recordings with Tim O'Brien and Don Dixon, Live on Mountain Stage, my album for kids and so much more.

But that's not all folks! You will also get a free download of Todd Burge Most Requested (1989-2000)! Eighteen songs...

Pick it up today for the very best price!

Thanks so much for supporting what I do.
And I'm hoping for the happiest holiday season to all of you.


Friday, November 10, 2017

Hip About Time by Todd Burge (Entire album streaming with lyrics)

The 2006 release featuring William Matheny, Tim O'Brien, Bruce Dalzell and members of the Mountain Stage band.

Streaming now on Youtube for your pleasure.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Same Old West Virginia Joke by Todd Burge

"The answer's in the dirty wind" TB

New Song
Same Old WV Joke by Todd Burge

10/24/17 For days now, the old Ames plant, which most currently was a large storage facility in Parkersburg, WV, (my home town) owned by IEI Plastics has been burning, filling the Mid-Ohio Valley with toxic fumes. Read more here

Thursday, October 12, 2017

63 Eyes - Look In For Mothmen - (30th Anniversary Remastered Download) Pre-Order

Pre-order the download now and get three songs! CLICK HERE

Three decades later, I'm amazed and honored that fans and friends still ask us about this recording. Our goal all those years ago was to make something that would last.

We would have loved to have pressed some more records for you, but, living in the present simply doesn't allow this. What we have here is certainly the next best thing and some audiophiles might argue, is even better as here on Bandcamp, you can download this in almost any format.

I shipped the original reel to reel masters to Sean Sullivan at John Prine's Butcher Shoppe Studio in Nashville. Sean took great care to digitize the analog tapes and Mark Poole gave it a final remastering at his Zone 8 Studio in Granville WV. What I'm hearing now reminds me of what we heard thirty years ago while listening back to the full album at Earth Tones in Parkersburg WV for the very first time.

The album will be out everywhere iTunes, Amazon etc on Nov 27, but you can pre-order it now on Bandcamp, get two songs, and choose any format. The very highest sound quality will be found on Bandcamp.

Enjoy and thank you for supporting us over the last three decades!

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Todd Tours Little Jimmy Dickens and More!

Tourin', Little Jimmy and More!

Hello All!

I'm exited about my mini-tour this week. Many of you have been kind enough to tell your friends about my upcoming shows. I really appreciate that. I couldn't do this without you.

This summer I wrote gobs of songs and I think one or two of them might be good. You'll be the judge. I'll be laying them on you this week.

Wednesday Sept 6 at 6pm THE ROOSTER & HEN STORE -  Catonsville, MD (West of Baltimore)
Thursday Sept 7 at 8pm THE PURPLE FIDDLE - Thomas WV
Friday Sept 8 at 8pm MCNEMAR HOUSE  - Buckhannon WV

I'm proud to say that The Little Jimmy Dickens Tribute Album, The Rhinestone Hillbilly, is out now and available on iTunes, Amazon and everywhere! Get your actual CD here

Watch Todd Burge sing Little Jimmy's Shopping for Dresses

1. Fireball Mail  (2:55)
2. Poor Little Darlin’  (3:17)
3. When Your House Is Not a Home  (3:25)
          JAMES PRICE 
4. I’m Little but I’m Loud  (2:39)
5. I Got a Hole in My Pocket  (2:46)
          LARRY GROCE
6. Hillbilly Fever  (2:37)
7. How to Catch an African Skeeter Alive  (3:20)
8. (You've Been Quite a Doll) Raggedy Ann  (4:04)
          BILL WITHERS
9. A-Sleepin’ at the Foot of the Bed  (2:51)
          KATHY MATTEA
10. They’ve Stole My Steel Guitar  (2:38)
          RUSS HICKS
11. We Could  (2:49)
          CONNIE SMITH
12. Raisin' the Dickens  (3:11)
13. Shopping for Dresses  (2:59)
          TODD BURGE
14.Out of Business  (2:50)
          JOHN LILLY 
15. May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose  (3:55)
16. Slow Suicide  (6:48)
          ANN MAGNUSON

Hope to see you soon!
Thank you