Tuesday, December 21, 2010

20 Years of Thanks (Give Burge this Holiday Season) There's Still Time

Hi Friends.

I know there is a lot of music out there, and they keep making more of it.
I want you to know that is sure means a lot to me that you would choose to purchase mine!

I was just inside the Todd Burge web store and it is so crowded!

There are over 100 songs there that I have written and recorded over the last 20 years.

Maybe you have somebody on your list who might enjoy some of my music as a last minute gift?

Go to my store and click on the "Gift Certificate" link.
They'll have a credit and can pick and choose their favorite.


Purchase something yourself and have it shipped to them by Christmas.
No shipping Charge!
We'll even gift wrap it for you!
Do it before Wednesday December 22nd 12noon Eastern.

Below is a list of songs available. I hope you have the best holiday season!
Thanks for your support! I couldn't do this without you.


Todd Burge Store

This Song Won't Write Itself
Live it Up
I'm a Shark
As Old as I Can Be
Human Being Dog
Whiskey Heaven*
Get Well
The Bugs are Coming
Another Sunny Sunday
My Lost and Found
Baby Ray
Fearing the Reaper
I Believe This, I Believe
Do You Know Which Way My World Goes Round?
She Looks Up To Me (Because She Has To)
Not My Time To Go
Move On (To Another Song)
Our New Day
Buffalo Skinned by all the Kings Men
My Kinda Town (Ghost Town)
My Fat Chance is Gettin’ Thinner
Pickin’ A Lock
The Kids Are Out of Hand
Why You Need Me Now (Back to WV)
My Apartment
Whole Lotta Choice (Lost in Cleveland)
Blast Town
Draft Beer For Ten Dimes
Hey Hey Little Christian Girl
Up in the West Virginia Hills
100 Miles Long
Bartender’s Bell
Uh Oh Ho Ho Ho
Bonus recorded live on Mountain Stage2006
Hip About Time*
The Good Dog*
My Roots*
My Roots
Hip About Time
The Good Dog
Your Heart Can’t Take This Beating
The Things I Think and Do
Your Mistake
All That’s Left to Need
Close to You
The Fairy Land Files
Son Shine
Nashville Cats Have Guts Too
Tape Recorder
Talkin’ Back to Parkersburg Blues
Barrel of Your Own Gun
Not For Kids
Kiss My Axe
NEW YEAR(2003)
One Last Shot
My Grandparent's Backlawn
Wood County Man
Big Fat City Heart Attack
Quits On Yesterday
Long Live Bobby Lane
Jesus Night Light
Sleepy Leesee
Happy Birthday Boy
Now It's Your Turn
Up In The West Virginia Hills
100 Miles Long
Sore Thumb
Bartender's Bell
Didn't Look Up Enough
I'll Make It Up To You
My Fat Chance Is Gettin' Thinner
Blast Town
Days Number Way Too Few
Crawl Like Babies Do
My Kinda Town
Randy Used To Dream About Mickey Mouse
Best-Seller Blues
Me & Mack
The Truth
Draft Beer For Ten Dimes
Pickin' A Lock
As Long As
Choosin' Sides
Bye Bye Baby Baby Bye Bye
Pocket Book
Newspaper Blankets
The Kids Are Out of Hand
Like Nobody Else
My Apartment
Last Drunk
Don't Try and Understand
Daddy's Not Workin'
College Down
Daughter Ask Father
All Wrapped Up
My Book
Still Wanting You

Todd Burge Store

Friday, December 10, 2010

Never Say Never to Never Say Uncle

I always look back a bit a the end of each year. When 2010 started, I was digging through some old band demos and tapes, mostly 63 Eyes,my band from the 90s and beyond.

Next year will be the 25th anniversary of the first 63 Eyes Show. My band from the 90s and beyond. Our first show at the Underground RR (now 123 Pleasant street) was Oct 30th 1986.

For whatever reason, It makes me want to release some of that stuff out there in the digital world. Document it I suppose. Makes me want to play yet another gig on that 123 stage. Maybe we have another show in us.

This year marked the 20th year I have been releasing solo recordings. It started back in 1990 with my first CD, Never Say Uncle. I've pondering re-releasing some of this old music, but through the years I have always heard it as, well, not very good.

While in the studio last week, I started to remaster Never Say Uncle and, well, heard it in a different way. Two decades distance allowed me to enjoy it once again.
My ego and I enjoyed it 20 years ago. Then, when my ego split (on that recording anyway..) I suppose I did too. Now, I hear it like some father listening to his son.

So, today I'm digging through the original lyrics for Never Say Uncle and having fun with my past. Look for that old stuff in the digital world next year sometime.
I might do the same with some other recordings like Tin Since, Live at Ravelers and New World Out of Order.

I'd be interested in what your interest level is.

That being said, all of this, or most is available on CD from my website

And that being said, I must say, I'm very proud of my most recent work with my band the Odd URges. Look for "Distraction Packed" on my site and, well, everywhere in stores like iTunes and Amazon. I think you'll dig. It starts out soft then turns hard and dirty.

Let me know how you're doing.