Friday, December 10, 2010

Never Say Never to Never Say Uncle

I always look back a bit a the end of each year. When 2010 started, I was digging through some old band demos and tapes, mostly 63 Eyes,my band from the 90s and beyond.

Next year will be the 25th anniversary of the first 63 Eyes Show. My band from the 90s and beyond. Our first show at the Underground RR (now 123 Pleasant street) was Oct 30th 1986.

For whatever reason, It makes me want to release some of that stuff out there in the digital world. Document it I suppose. Makes me want to play yet another gig on that 123 stage. Maybe we have another show in us.

This year marked the 20th year I have been releasing solo recordings. It started back in 1990 with my first CD, Never Say Uncle. I've pondering re-releasing some of this old music, but through the years I have always heard it as, well, not very good.

While in the studio last week, I started to remaster Never Say Uncle and, well, heard it in a different way. Two decades distance allowed me to enjoy it once again.
My ego and I enjoyed it 20 years ago. Then, when my ego split (on that recording anyway..) I suppose I did too. Now, I hear it like some father listening to his son.

So, today I'm digging through the original lyrics for Never Say Uncle and having fun with my past. Look for that old stuff in the digital world next year sometime.
I might do the same with some other recordings like Tin Since, Live at Ravelers and New World Out of Order.

I'd be interested in what your interest level is.

That being said, all of this, or most is available on CD from my website

And that being said, I must say, I'm very proud of my most recent work with my band the Odd URges. Look for "Distraction Packed" on my site and, well, everywhere in stores like iTunes and Amazon. I think you'll dig. It starts out soft then turns hard and dirty.

Let me know how you're doing.



jim said...

As I Told You A While Back Never Say Uncle Is One Of My Favorite If Not My Favorite Todd B. Cd To Me It Was Very Powerful Also could Relate To Alot Of The Music. Take Care And Merry Christmas And Happy New Year To You And Your Family And Band Members.

Todd Burge said...

Jim, thanks for your input. A cousin of mine.. an older cousin by about 15 years.. told my mother that this music thing was "a passing phase" when I first started. I now know that it is a lasting phase thanks to listeners like you. Happy Holidays to you and family too!

Beyond My Garden said...

Welcome to the blogging world Todd. I look forward to your postings.