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I'm excited to say that I have two new CDs out now!  One CD is most certainly for grownups and entitled "Building Characters". The second is for kids and grownups and I call it "Character Building".  The CD for kids will serve as an ongoing fundraiser for The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network. (FAAN).

Building Characters (Artwork by Dan Gloyd)
Character Building (Artwork by Dan Gloyd)
Put them together, and they are 

"Character Building Characters"
Listen below

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The Tour
I will be touring throughout the year supporting both of these CDs,  possibly at a finer venue near you in (some shows with Tim O'Brien in April and June) in PA, TN, WV, OH, MA, NY and more.
Many dates in June will be with Tim O'Brien

I'll also be playing some shows for children and conducting songwriter workshops for kids and grownups along the way. 

The new Todd Burge CD for Grownups
Featuring Tim O'Brien, Kenny Malone and Don Dixon
Produced by Don Dixon

"I dedicate this recording to the Mayan Calendar.  This year we’ll party like it is 2012. I feel that I’ve built one character out of many here. He is following life’s path and along the way, is blocked by insecurity, predictions of the world’s impending doom, religious fanaticism, fatalistic egoism and less. Oh, it is tragically fun too. I certainly hope you have trouble relating to these twisted stories, but enjoy them all the same."Todd Burge

"On his new recording, Todd Burge inhabits his invented characters. The scat singing and lyrical humor lighten the mood of some heavy subjects, letting his insights sneak up on you. He just keeps getting better and better."
Tim O’Brien  (Singer-Songwriter, Grammy winner)

"Defying gravity and age, Todd just gets better. This collection includes songs that no one else could have conceived, much less written. Todd belongs in the company of Peter Stampfel, Todd Snider and Paul Thorn with Roger Miller winking from beyond. Dixon, O'Brien and Malone put up the perfect front to make it all seem so normal.
 Look upon his works, ye Mighty, and despair!"
Larry Groce – Host of NPR’s Mountain Stage

“With wit and pathos in equal measure, Todd Burge takes on subjects in his songs that never occur to most folks.  Subjects too quirky, too controversial, too obtuse for most writers to get a handle on.  His compelling vocal style and
unique perspective keep me interested long after the last note rings out.”
Don Dixon – Producer, Performer, Songwriter

The New Todd Burge CD for Kids (and Grownups)

Many of these songs were written for my children, Will and Sophia.  Some were inspired by them and one was even co-written by Will.  Some are simply tunes that they enjoy listening to.  Kansas City Star is a Roger Miller song I’ve loved since I was about five years old, so I felt it belonged here.  My friend John Bolten and his wife Allison wrote a good one in “Lily and the Bee” and I felt it belonged here too.  I hope you enjoy these and I dedicate this CD with love to my family, Lisa, Will and Sophia. 

25% of the profits from this CD will forever be donated to The Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network.  

Our 6 year old daughter Sophia has severe food allergies.  The Food Allergy Network assisted us in a huge way with negotiating the everyday challenges we face.  We support their ongoing research and legislative goals! 

The CD includes guest appearances by Sophia Burge, William Burge, Angela Perley, Tim O’Brien, Dennis Crouch, Dirk Powell, Kenny Malone, Billy Matheny, Ammed Soloman and Steve Hill 

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