Friday, May 28, 2010

Today I'm thinking..
"What Would Woody Do"

Listen to and get a free download to this song here... pass it on

Another Song in the Key of C – May.28.2010
by Todd Burge

I sing another song in the key of C
Hope it does for you what it did for me
And what it does for us we might not agree
But still I must sing my song in the key of C

Can’t you stop this dirty leak
It’s making our whole planet weak
Big Brother’s eyes have ceased to peep
As we stare at all this Texas tea
Oil on a bird, oil on a fish
Oil in my heart makes a heart stopping dish
I’ll make my list full of wishing
That someday I’ll see some clean deep sea fishing


Don’t ask me about don’t ask don’t tell
And we won’t have to hear each other yell
But I’d send my love to hell and back
If we could just love one another without the flack
Cut some slack, cut some slack
She loves she, she loves her back
He loves him, he loves him back
Tell me, while they fight our wars
What could be wrong with that?


The roses are red and the violets are back
Spring is here and that’s a fact
The soil is rich with our old ideas
So I’ll sew some love and grow a few good kids
Birds and bees, bees and birds
Love is the best sound you’ve ever heard
Write it down and notarize it
So it is written, let’s galvanize it!



MamaJink said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the lyrics. Can't wait to hear it. Very well said.

toddburge said...

thanks MJ.. i wrote it for us

Unknown said...

Great song Todd! It's good to know people care and are aware of this tragedy going on right in front of our eyes. Keep up the good work!

toddburge said...

thanks Deborah.. going to post the song today or tomorrow. Keep it up yourself! TB

toddburge said...

listen to the song via the link above