Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In Athens at Donkey This Saturday - Also: LEARN/TEACH Todd the Banjo!

Hi everyone,
First off, check out my music here and my videos here.  I have some nice shows to announce later this year in Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee and more. Check my tour page for all the details. 
I'll be at Donkey Coffee in Athens Ohio this Saturday Aug 3 at 8pm with Bruce Dalzell and Billy Rhinehart. We are tooling up for our Maryland tour later this month. I'm really looking forward to this Saturday's show. Donkey is one of my favorite listening venues.

I think I'm simultaneously  teaching and learning claw hammer style banjo. Watch this video and see what I mean.

Hope to see you very soon at a show.
Thank you for allowing me to do what I must do.

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