Thursday, May 23, 2013

63 EYES and THE LARRIES-Why I'm Living In My Past This Weekend

My first band, way back in 1985 was called The Larries, (pictured here from the Parkersburg News back in 1985 .(i'm the horizontal one) I later formed a band called 63 Eyes and we performed and recorded for years. We still do on rare occasion. We were based in Morgantown and Parkersburg WV as I went to school at WVU. This weekend (May 24 and 25 2013) both bands will get together to pay tribute to Marsha Ferber and The Underground Railroad at 123 Pleasant Street in Morgantown along with many other friends and bands. That show has been sold out for some time. We added a show for this Friday in Marietta Ohio and as of this writing there are still some tickets left for that. (See link below)  

Marsha Ferber was like a mother to many of the Morgantown bands. She went missing back in 1988 and was never heard from or found. She and the Morgantown scene folks who I will forever call "family" consisted of all those fine people who ran our favorite music venue, The Underground Railroad with Ferber back in the day. It was a real fertile time for music in Morgantown with the amazing WVU radio station, U-92 supporting us young, up and coming artists along with The Underground. So, I'm digging into my musical past this weekend along with many of my musical friends to pay tribute to all of them. I am grateful. Love, Todd

This Friday - The Adelphia Music Hall - Marietta Ohio
63 Eyes, Jimmy Clinton Band
The Phantom Six
with cameo's by
The Larries and Triple Shot!
Tickets still avail

This Saturday SOLD OUT - 123 Pleasant Street Morgantown WV
63 Eyes, Th' Inbred, Gene Pool,
Jet Set Vapour Trails
The Darby's, Reflexsive Repetition
With cameos by
The Larries, Triple Shot and Velez Manifesto

Tribute and Reunion for Marsha Ferber and the Underground Railroad

Facebook event page for Sold out morgantown show this Saturday. (way  way more than you need..ha)

Info on 80s Underground Railroad owner MARSHA FERBER

THE LARRIES - 1985 Parkersburg News and Sentinel
Jimmy Clinton, Wesley Poole, Mark Poole and Todd Burge (horizontal) 

Larries on WV Public TV back in 1985 introduced by Larry Groce
63 EYES - LIVE at Nell's Chicken Coop - 1987 - TRUCKER'S MISERY

The Larries May 2013

63 EYES - Mark Poole, Todd Burge and Perry Kirk 1987 NYC

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